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Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

(February 3, 2015)

What is the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and why is it important?

The reputation of Dolby Laboratories, Inc. and its subsidiaries (the "Company" or "Dolby") is one of our most important assets. In order to protect and enhance our reputation, and to avoid interruption to our business, every Dolby employee, officer and director should obey the law and act ethically. To that end, this Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (the "Code") is a guide that is intended to sensitize you to significant legal and ethical issues that arise frequently and to the methods available to report illegal or unethical conduct. The Code is not, however, a comprehensive document that addresses every legal or ethical issue that you may confront, nor is it a summary of all laws, policies and procedures that apply to the Company's business. Ultimately, no code of business conduct and ethics can replace the thoughtful behavior and good judgment of an ethical employee, officer or director.

Who must follow the Code?

All directors, officers and employees of Dolby must follow the Code. We also expect everyone working on our behalf, including consultants, agents, suppliers and business partners to adhere to our ethical standards.

Whom do I contact about a concern?

If you are concerned about conduct you believe violates Company policy or the law, you should report the situation immediately. Subject to the laws of your country of employment and as described in more detail in Section XVI of the Code, you can report by contacting the Dolby Ethics Hotline (via phone or internet), the Company's General Counsel, the Company's Chief Executive Officer or regional management.




Dolby Ethics Hotline
1 (844) 518-2351 (U.S. and Canada)
International see Appendix A

The Company strictly prohibits retaliation for reporting a possible violation of law in good faith, this Code or other Company policies or participating in any investigation of a possible violation.


Appendix A
International Toll-Free Numbers
Country Number to Dial Country Number to Dial
Argentina +800-1777-9999 Philippines +800-1777-9999
Australia +800-1777-9999 Poland +800-111-3819
Belgium +800-1777-9999 Singapore +800-1777-9999
Brazil +800-1777-9999 South Africa +800-1777-9999
Chile 1-230-020-3559 Spain (includes Canary Islands) +800-1777-9999
China +800-1777-9999 Sweden +800-1777-9999
Colombia 01-800-518-1863 Switzerland (includes Lichtenstein) +800-1777-9999
Denmark +800-1777-9999 Taiwan +800-1777-9999
Finland +800-1777-9999 Thailand +800-1777-9999
France (includes Andora, Corsica, Monaco) +800-1777-9999 United Kingdom (includes England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales) +800-1777-9999
Germany +800-1777-9999    
Greece 00-800-1809-202-5606    
Hong Kong +800-1777-9999    
Hungary +800-1777-9999    
India +800-100-3428    
Indonesia +803-015-203-5129    
Ireland +800-1777-9999    
Israel +800-1777-9999    
Italy (includes San Marino, Vatican City) +800-1777-9999    
Japan +800-1777-9999    
Korea, Republic of (South Korea) +800-1777-9999    
Luxembourg +800-1777-9999    
Macau +800-1777-9999    
Malaysia +800-1777-9999    
Mexico +866-376-0139    
Netherlands +800-1777-9999    
New Zealand +800-1777-9999    
Norway +800-1777-9999    
Note: For countries not listed here, use the following number for a collect call/reverse charge call. Operator assistance may be required and local charges may apply. The Company will reimburse call charges. 1-720-514-4400