Dolby Investor Relations

Technology Strategy Committee Charter

(Adopted: December 6, 2010)

The Technology Strategy Committee is one of several ad hoc committees of the Board of Directors of Dolby Laboratories, Inc. which are formed from time-to-time to explore issues of particular interest to the Board and management.  The principal purpose of the Technology Strategy Committee shall be to explore the opportunities and issues associated with Dolby’s technology strategies and with Dolby’s intellectual property.  The Technology Strategy Committee will not be a standing committee of the Board and the Board will determine annually the need to continue the Technology Strategy Committee.

The Technology Strategy Committee shall consist of no fewer than two members.  The members of the Committee and its Chairman shall be appointed by the Board, upon recommendation of the Nominating and Governance Committee.  Technology Strategy Committee members may be replaced by the Board.

  • The Technology Strategy Committee shall have the authority to explore those particular technology opportunities and trends in the industry, including issues where management is seeking Board perspective and assistance, that the Board or the Chairman of the Technology Strategy Committee has determined should be examined.  The Committee will regularly report the results of such work to the Board for its consideration, including any recommendations to management that might emanate from the Committee’s work.

  • With agreement from the Chairman of the Technology Strategy Committee, the members of the Technology Strategy Committee may meet with management members and other Dolby employees in order to assist the committee and the Board in carrying out its duties.

  • The Technology Strategy Committee, through its Chairman, may request that Dolby officers and employees, who are not Technology Strategy Committee members, participate in the Technology Strategy Committee’s meetings.

  • The Technology Strategy Committee may request that Chairman of the Board retain consultants and advisors in relation to Dolby’s technology matters in support of the Committee’s activities and the Chairman of the Board will approve the retention terms and fees of such consultants and advisors.

  • Technology Strategy Committee members may attend technical or professional development courses as the Chairman of the Technology Strategy Committee deems necessary and appropriate.

  • The Technology Strategy Committee will set its own schedule of meetings, with the option of holding additional meetings at such times as it deems necessary.  The Technology Strategy Committee will maintain written minutes of its meetings, which minutes shall be filed with the minutes of the meetings of the Board.

  • Under the oversight of the Nominating and Governance Committee, members of the Technology Strategy Committee shall annually evaluate the performance of the Technology Strategy Committee.

Committee Members

Avadis Tevanian, Jr.
Avadis Tevanian, Jr.

Avadis Tevanian has been a member of the Dolby Board of Directors since 2009. Avie is a Managing Director of Elevation Partners, a private equity firm. Previously, Avie was the former Software Chief Technology Officer of Apple Computer. As Software CTO, Avie focused on setting company-wide software technology direction for Apple. Prior to his tenure as Software CTO, Avie was Senior Vice President of Software at Apple, a role he took on when Apple acquired NeXT in 1997.

As SVP of Software, Avie led the software engineering team responsible for the creation of Mac OS X and worked as part of Apple's executive team that engineered the turnaround and current success of Apple. Before joining Apple, he was Vice President of Engineering at NeXT and was responsible for managing NeXT's industry renowned engineering department. Avie started his professional career at Carnegie Mellon University, where he was a principal designer and engineer of the Mach operating system upon which Nextstep, and now OS X, is based.

He holds a BA degree in mathematics from the University of Rochester and MS and PhD degrees in computer science from Carnegie Mellon University.

David Dolby
David Dolby

David Dolby has been a member of the Dolby Board of Directors since 2011. Prior to joining the Board, David served as Manager, Strategic Partnerships at Dolby. In this role, David was responsible for managing Dolby strategic partnerships and technology standards for Internet media encoding, delivery, and playback. He also represented Dolby in technical and business working groups at a variety of international standards groups, including Universal Serial Bus, Digital Living Network Alliance, Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem, and Blu-ray Disc Association.

David's experience includes roles at Kaleidescape, Inc., a company focused on high-performance music and movie server systems, and NetVMG, which developed route control software (and was acquired by Internap, a provider of IT infrastructure services). At Perseus Group (now GCA Savvian), David was an investment banking analyst focused on technology. He also worked for engineering firms Bechtel and Poe & Associates. David has undertaken his own ventures as well, including owning and operating a private aircraft-leasing business, and currently holds investments in several private companies.

David received a BSE degree in civil engineering from Duke University and an MBA degree from Stanford University.

Nicholas Donatiello, Jr.
Nicholas Donatiello, Jr.

Nicholas Donatiello has been a member of the Dolby Board of Directors since 2009. Nick has been the President and CEO of Odyssey Ventures, Inc. since September 1993. Prior to founding Odyssey, he was Press Secretary and Campaign Manager for US Senator Bill Bradley and a consultant at McKinsey & Company.

Nick is a director of three of the American Funds managed by Capital Research and Management as well as the Schwab Charitable Fund. He is also a director of a number of private companies. In addition, Nick served as chairman of the board of Northern California Public Broadcasting, Inc. from 2006 through 2008.

Nick holds a BSE degree in systems engineering from Princeton University and an MBA degree from Stanford University.