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Ascent Media Offers the Ultimate Pitch Correction Service with New Dolby Processor

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Mar 21, 2003

Ascent Media Offers the Ultimate Pitch Correction Service with New Dolby Processor

Ascent Media Offers the Ultimate Pitch Correction Service with New Dolby ProcessorWootton Bassett, 21 March 2003--Ascent Media, London's biggest post production group, recently selected the new Dolby® Model 585 Time Scaling Processor for audiophile-quality pitch correction of multichannel soundtracks.

The Model 585 Time Scaling Processor offers natural-sounding, real-time pitch correction of frame-rate-converted or time-scaled audio for broadcast, DVD, and film projects. The unit was used by Ascent Media to meet a major film studio's requirement for extremely high-quality pitch correction for a high-profile European DVD release.

The unparalleled clean sound of the Model 585 means that pitch shifting can now be offered for all kinds of content. The intelligent processing algorithm is fully automatic, eliminating setup time so projects can be turned around faster. Justin Burns, senior sound engineer at Ascent Media, commented, "The Model 585 just sounds so natural. The unit can literally save hours on a project and still deliver a better sounding result."

The Model 585 enables up to 8 channels of audio to be processed simultaneously, so 5.1 surround and stereo versions can be shifted at the same time. Tracks can be pitched up or down by up to 15 percent. In timescale mode, audio can be adjusted to be 15 percent longer or shorter than the original version.

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