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Dolby Laboratories Expands Personal Surround Sound Initiative with Newest License

Nov 7, 2003

Sanyo's single-chip solution expands variety of products featuring virtual surround sound

San Francisco, November 7, 2003--As evidence of the growing adoption of its Personal Surround Sound initiative, Dolby Laboratories announced today it has licensed the first large-scale integrated circuit (LSI), exclusively dedicated to Dolby® Virtual Speaker and Dolby Headphone technologies. This solution from Sanyo combines both functions on a single chip, and allows manufacturers to quickly and easily integrate these highly sophisticated virtual technologies within a wide range of consumer electronics products.

Embraced by a growing number of consumers and hardware manufacturers, Dolby's Personal Surround Sound initiative extends the high-quality surround sound experience in environments not previously conducive to multichannel audio setups. Dolby Virtual Speaker and Dolby Headphone are key technologies for making surround sound portable and personal.

"With the growing popularity of home theater systems, consumers are demanding highquality sound in a wide range of devices," said Hisao Ishii, General Manager, LSI Business Unit, Digital Audio Development Department, Sanyo. "Sanyo's new single chip, incorporating Dolby's virtual surround sound technologies, enables manufacturers to easily integrate high-quality surround sound to home entertainment devices (such as digital televisions and PCs) and personal devices like portable DVD players."

"Dolby is committed to providing people with the highest quality surround sound listening experiences available, in any environment," said Craig Eggers, Director, Consumer Technology Marketing, Dolby Laboratories. "With Sanyo's new chipset, more people will be able to enjoy their favorite music, movies, and games with superior surround sound realism wherever they go."

Dolby Virtual Speaker technology simulates a highly realistic 5.1-speaker surround sound listening environment from as few as two speakers, making it an ideal technology for small home listening rooms, apartments, dorm rooms, or wherever a full surround sound system is not practical. Dolby Virtual Speaker technology also creates a wider two-channel environment during playback of stereo CDs and MP3 content, and when combined with Dolby Pro Logic® II processing, delivers a virtual surround listening experience from any high-quality stereo source. More than a simple "expanded stereo" performance, Dolby Virtual Speaker incorporates highly advanced algorithms and extensive room-modeling technologies to reproduce the sonic spectrum and dynamics of a properly placed 5.1-speaker system in a room environment.

Dolby Headphone technology allows users to privately listen to music, watch movies, or play video games--using any set of headphones--with all the dramatic surround effects of a 5.1-channel soundtrack. Best of all, "listener fatigue," a phenomenon commonly associated with headphone playback, is virtually eliminated. Dolby Headphone technology is ideal for portable and mobile DVD players, and is currently featured in selected PC and A/V receiver applications. Both Dolby Headphone and Dolby Virtual Speaker employ core algorithms licensed from Lake Technology Ltd.

Sanyo's LC83210W chip decodes 5.1- and two-channel digital audio inputs. It features Dolby Virtual Speaker in Reference, Wide, and Stereo mixdown modes. Dolby Headphone DH2 and Stereo mixdown are also loaded to ensure compatibility with all headphone terminals. Samples will be available in Q4 2003. Volume production is scheduled for Q2 2004.

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