Stock Information

Does Dolby pay a dividend on its common stock?

Dolby's Board of Directors has approved a quarterly dividend program for its stockholders. You can view Dolby's dividend history here.

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Does Dolby have a share repurchase program?

Yes. Information on Dolby's return of capital history is available here.

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Does Dolby have a direct stock purchase plan or a dividend reinvestment program?

Computershare, Dolby’s transfer agent, administers a direct stock purchase plan and a dividend reinvestment plan for the company. To find out more about these programs you may contact Computershare directly at (800) 285-7772, Option 1, between the hours of 8 A.M. and 8 P.M. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, and Saturday 9 A.M and 5 P.M. Eastern Time. Alternatively, you can the view program online by going to Computershare's website.

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What is Dolby's stock ticker symbol?

Dolby's symbol on the New York Stock Exchange is "DLB".

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How many shares of Dolby are outstanding?

There were an average of 101,983,000 fully diluted shares outstanding for the year ended September 30, 2022.

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Has Dolby had a stock split?

A five for one split occurred in January 2005, prior to the Initial Public Offering.

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When did Dolby go public? At what price?

Dolby Laboratories went public on February 17, 2005. Dolby's IPO priced at $18 per share.

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How do I transfer my stock or change my address with the transfer agent?

All stock certificate-related questions regarding ownership of Dolby stock, such as lost certificates and/or change of address should be addressed to Dolby's transfer agent, ComputershareTrust Company, N.A.

Computershare Trust Company, N.A.
P.O. Box 43010
Providence, RI 02940-3010
(781) 575-3400

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What is Dolby's CUSIP number?

Dolby's common stock CUSIP is 25659T 10 7.

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Company Information

When was Dolby founded?

Ray Dolby founded Dolby Laboratories in 1965 to develop noise reduction technologies.

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What year was Dolby incorporated and in what state?

Dolby was incorporated as a New York corporation in 1967, reincorporated in California in 1976 and reincorporated in Delaware in September 2004.

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When do the fiscal quarters end?

Our fiscal quarter ends the last Friday of the quarter. Our fiscal quarter end dates are as follows:

  1. Quarter One: December 30, 2022
  2. Quarter Two: March 31, 2023
  3. Quarter Three: June 30, 2023
  4. Quarter Four: September 29, 2023
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When is the next financial reporting date?

Dolby's next financial release date may be viewed on the Event Calendar page.

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How many employees does Dolby have?

As of September 30, 2022, Dolby had 2,337 employees worldwide.

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Who are Dolby's independent accountants?

Dolby's independent accountants are KPMG.

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Where are Dolby's headquarters?

Dolby's principal executive offices are located at 1275 Market, San Francisco, California 94103, and our telephone number is (415) 558-0200. Our web site address is

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How do I contact Dolby Investor Relations?

You can contact Dolby Investor Relations with questions related to Dolby and Dolby Stock.

Investor Contact:
Maggie O’Donnell
Dolby Laboratories

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